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Three projects and “100 ideas for Cascia” are the result of a week of study during which the master “Urban heritage and global tourism” of the Iuav University of Venice took place in the city. To the mayor Mario De Carolis the experts delivered three projects for the recovery and post-earthquake relaunch of areas of the city and a document with 100 ideas of “easy and cheap realization”.

Months of study condensed into a week of work with stimulating results! Thus ends the first edition of MHT Master in Urban Heritage and Global Tourism, Iuav of Venice

📌 to know the #tourism in the Municipality of Cascia we analyzed the data, observed the details with a critical and careful look and met its available citizens
📌 thus were born the 100 IDEAS FOR CASCIA, 100 simple, feasible and economical proposals: as in a card game, it would be enough now to draw one at random to decide to make one already tomorrow!
📌 Urban Strategies: we have identified some project areas in which to intervene to improve the tourist and city experience in the hometown of Santa Rita.

It has emerged that the tourism in Cascia is the full of the economy the town and the only outlet for its inhabitants. In the pre-seism 96.292 arrivals and 181.830 presences were recorded, with an average stay of less than two nights. a pernottante tourism, in which the Italians (in particular from the south) represent more than 90%, which however represents only a minority part (it is estimated a fifth) of the entire flow of visitors visiting Cascia. .

The earthquake brought undoubted damage: a significant drop in the number of overnight stays, a damage to the image in particular for the domestic market, even if fortunately the accommodation offer held up much better than in other places in the Valnerina more damaged. The idea is to see the earthquake as an opportunity to rethink tourism as an important lever of economic and social development of a territory, starting from the cultural, natural, productive and tourist resources already present.

To spread a culture of hospitality, to stimulate integrations between public and private operators, to recognize and enhance new motivations to visit the area also for tourists with greater spending capacity with positive effects on the citizenship, improving the overall experience are the strong>strategic goals, to which we have added operational proposals and ideas for micro-projects to be implemented in the coming months for Cascia and its territory.


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