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MHT Master in Urban Heritage and Global Tourism

This Master course intends to provide its students with the cultural instruments and practical skills necessary in order to face in a critical and innovative way the issues linked to the preservation and valorization of the urban heritage in a global context.

Forging Talents
The course trains new professional figures able to present innovative ethically and economically sustainable models for tourism, which may contribute to the valorization of historical centers and that from such centers could take inspiration for their own development.
Moreover, the course aims at training new professional figures that, respectful and conscious of the value of urban heritage, may be able to understand the need of contemporary tourism. Instead of adapting old patterns, such figures should be able to develop new growth models for historical cities, complying with – but not depending on – the demands of global tourism and economic development.

Inter-disciplinary approach
The course will have an inter-disciplinary approach. It will provide a solid base of knowledge; it will study and investigate the best contemporary initiatives; and it will listen to and mix together different voices that are usually heard in distinct and separate professional fields.
The aim is to prepare professional figures able to present more questions than void answers, to listen more than yell and, in particular, to manage the change instead of running after it.



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